The softener salt dolly system eliminates the dangerous practice of carrying salt bags down 

basement steps.  The softener salt dolly also removes salt bags from your car trunk and    places the salt bags where you want them, either into your salt tub or into storage. 



You must be a capable person or a person that can hire a capable person: 

  1.   The softener system must be moved to an interior wall of your garage.

  2.   You must construct the softener salt dolly yourself.



    "Never lift another softener

            salt bag again." 

The Softener Salt Dolly is your answer to making life simpler and taking injury risks away from filling your water softener.

Included with your purchase are:

Detailed list of materials needed.

Pre-assembly dimensions for materials.

Assembly instructions.  11 pages to print out.

Other helpful home and home construction hints.

Building the Softener Salt Dolly is like when you built models or building blocks as a kid, the parts are just bigger!





Life Changing.

Life Changing.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through email. I look forward to seeing these plans change your life!

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